More Square Feet=More Equity

The Loft Works

Maximizing Space, Equity and Enjoyment Of a Home

Adding gross living area is the only true way to increase equity in your home.

Where improvements like kitchen and bath remodels may indirectly add to value by improving the condition of the property, adding living area directly relates to increased equity. A loft addition is a great way to add square footage to your home.

There are options for homeowners who need
more space and want to increase equity in their home. Remodeling or adding-on to an existing home, however, often requires structural changes which are expensive, time consuming and burdensome.

A loft addition is a very economical way to turn the unused high space of a vaulted or cathedral ceiling into an additional customized room for the home.
Loft additions are a simple way to get more livable space without major structural changes. Loft additions are cost effective and time efficient.

A Loft addition can be used as a bedroom, bonus room, family room, nursery, entertainment area, office, library or even as loft storage. Homes with an existing loft can have them conveniently converted to an additional bedroom or home office.

Loft additions are a great way to maximize space, equity and enjoyment of a home.

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